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The Last Wizard and the Doomsday Rings.

2010-05-03 05:26:26 by Hoeloe

Hey there! Here's a bit of information about my solo game project. Currently, I'm not looking for any assistance, but that may change later in development, when I start needing beta testers, animators, etc.

The Last Wizard and the Doomsday Rings is a Flash RPG, one of the few console-length RPG yet seen in the Flash format, albeit SHORT console length.
The game is being coded (In AS 2.0), drawn and animated by me (though maybe not solely, as I may need some help later in the projec), with a fair bit of music composed by me for it, though the majority of the music has been found around the Audio Portal.

The game follows the adventures of Willem Mageson, who finds himself thrown into the heart of a plot to take over the world by an evil sorceror Ikta. From his small hometown in the west, Willem must find and claim the 5 Doomsday Rings, and then deal with Ikta once and for all.

So far, a lot of the game has been planned, including several dungeons, but not yet put into the game. The engine is still only half complete, and as such, no public demo is available. However, I can provide screenshots at the bottom of this post. Some of the graphics have already been drawn, including almost 100 different weapons for use throughout the game. As well as the main plot, there are numerous side quests planned, including such things as collecting "Lost Souls" around the map, and returning them in exchange for useful rewards.

That's pretty much all there is so far, I think. Enjoy the screenys, and I will bring out a public demo in a while. But it will be a while, since there is a lot to do before it's ready to showcase.

Oh yes, the screenshots aren't neccessarily exactly what the final game, or even the demo will look like.
And another thing: This is an original game, not a fangame, though you may expect to see nods towards series' you know, and perhaps even one or two characters may make an appearance, depending on the permissions I can get.

Screenshots are here:

Selection 1: Mostly Around Town

Selection 2: Current Character Design/Town WIP

Selection 3: First Dungeon

Out of complete boredom...

2010-05-02 17:39:11 by Hoeloe

I have decided to be Female until further notice.

I am seriously bored.

Out of complete boredom...

I'm 17 now.

2010-03-20 12:34:30 by Hoeloe

Another birthday and all you guys didn't even bother leaving a forum post. I am disappoint.

Anyway, that's not important. What IS important is that I'm legally allowed to drive. Woo.

It seems I've had an entirely Japanese-based present system this year... List here:

Rozen Maiden: Traumend - Box Set
Air - Box Set
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - Series 1 Box Set
Grave of the Fireflies
Lia - Diamond Days CD Collection
Totoro Plushie =D
Amazon Vouchers and Moneys which I spent on FFXIII Collectors Edition

I did get three things that weren't Japanese in basis:
Apollo 18 & Lincoln - They Might Be Giants
Troll 2 (The worst film ever)
Mock The Week book

Overall, a reasonably decent birthday. Went to see One Man Lord of the Rings with some friends, decent show done by a Canadian guy. Reasonably amusing, and he was very good at most of the accents.

And that's about it. Have a pig.

I'm 17 now.

Clannad & Clannad: After Story.

2010-01-29 15:51:31 by Hoeloe

Well. I just finished watching Clannad and After Story, and I have to say, wow. Key have done a really great job with this one. I enjoyed Air, but I felt that the ending was a little weak, it's what comes from trying to adapt a visual novel with many potential endings I suppose. Clannad did it much better.

The story revolves around Tomoya Okazaki, who is in his final year at school, and also hates his life, and his surroundings. On his way to school one morning, he sees a girl standing at the bottom of the hill, and is somewhat surprised when she says to herself: "Anpan". He then speaks to this girl, encouraging her, and this simple action leads to a huge chain of events.

The girl is Nagisa Furukawa, who is repeating her final year, after being too ill to attend much of school the previous year, and as such has no friends. Tomoya and Nagisa begin to become friends, and this leads to Nagisa having a great experience, including attempting to restart the Theatre Club with Tomoya and others, which is her life dream.

I won't say more than that on the main plot for spoilers, but I will talk about the sub plot. Every so often, usually at the start of an episode, the series will cut to The Girl Alone in a World that Ended. In series one, it describes how she is lonely, and builds herself a friend. The story seems to have very little relevance in the first series.

This secondary story is further developed in Clannad After Story, series 2, eventually tying everything together much neater than in Air. After Story is also interesting, as it goes on to view the life of the school students we watched in series one, and what happens to them after school finishes, taking several unexpected turns along the way.

What I enjoyed a lot about this anime is that it is entirely based around the characters. It is clear to see the characters growing and developing as we follow them through the series, and in series one, it very clearly follows the theme that "you can achieve anything if you try."

In series two however, it appears to digress from this theme as it approaches the end, taking on the more realistic approach of "life is horribly unfair." However, this is eventually turned around, and the viewer begins to understand why the series took this turn.

It also follows some interesting philosophy, more in After Story than in series one, talking about time and how any number of physical realities are possible. This is expanded on in the OVA's, when Key show the viewer some of the possibilities that were available in the original Visual Novel, which I find better kept separate from the main plot.

I don't think any anime has affected me mentally as much as this one did. It's truly an engrossing story, and a real emotional rollercoaster. If you have any free time at all, give it a chance.

With that said, I think I'm done.

Clannad & Clannad: After Story.


It's the Potential Iguanadon vs. The Onion!

The Onion wins.

(Concept & art by my friend Jonny)


London MCM Expo - October 2009

2009-10-27 07:28:27 by Hoeloe

So, yesterday I got back from 2 days at the London MCM Expo! It was really great. I went down with a friend of mine, both of us cosplaying. I went as Cloud Strife, from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, and he went as Commander Amarao from FLCL.

There was some great stuff there, got myself a Wooden Yuffie Star (The weapon she uses in FFVII), an Aeris figurine, a plushie doll of Maka from Soul Eater, the whole of .hack // SIGN and some signed posters and artwork, including a signed Soul Eater poster!

There were some games up for play, didn't try any except Scribblenauts because of the queues, but there were games like Left for Dead 2 and Assassins Creed 2. Seriously epic stuff.

Oh, and there was a Warthog. From Halo. A life-sized one. That works.

I'm definately going again next year, maybe not in May because of my exams, but almost certainly next October.

Yeah, here's a picture of me fighting Sephiroth on Sunday.

London MCM Expo - October 2009

Super Nuke Bros. MELEE!

2009-10-12 17:00:26 by Hoeloe

Well, on Saturday 10th of October, we released the first Official Demo of Super Nuke Bros. Melee!
Featuring 9 characters and 6 stages, it's really fun.
I suggest you go play it. Now.

Oh, and join the forum.


Also, daily weekday updates have already started, and will continue! Stick around for those!

Happy Melee-ing.

Super Nuke Bros. MELEE!

New Song!

2009-10-04 10:29:26 by Hoeloe

Well... It's an old song really.

But I redid it.

It's now awesome.

unfortunately, it's been subject to a reign of Zero-Bombers, so if you have ANY sense, you'll vote it up again.

Plus, voting it up will increase your awesome points.

Anyway, I really need this.

OOTHQ: The Lost Woods

Yeah, it's The Lost Woods again!

Enjoy, and help me out here, vote it up!

New Song!

I bought EWQLSO!

2009-08-11 15:54:35 by Hoeloe

Yes! I finished my transaction from http://soundsonline.com/, and I am now the proud owner of East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Silver PLAY Edition! It cost me most of my money (£183), but I think it was worth it! I've been meaning to buy this for a long while, and now I can finally have some decent samples, after being stuck with JNSGM and Squidfont Orchestral for a very long time now!

Unfortunately, this means I have next to no money left (After buying my ticket to the London MCM Expo this October), so GIVE ME YOUR MONEY.

...And your Materia.

I can sell that for money.

I bought EWQLSO!

The Doomsday Rings Official Teaser Trailer

2009-06-18 09:12:01 by Hoeloe


/* */
Yes, this is the teaser trailer for The Last Wizard and the Doomsday Rings. Unfortunately, the real game won't have pretty 3D graphics, but you can all make do with some nice flash drawn stuff.

I am still working on the game, as well as Super Nuke Bros Melee and programming a game animated by Callum Stamp called Flake. The battle system is in production at the moment, but it is far from complete.