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2009-06-16 06:19:07 by Hoeloe

I got my computer back after about a week without it!
You may or may not know that, about a week ago, my computer crashed and wouldn't boot up. This turns out to be from a really serious virus (in fact it was 3 top grade Trojan's), and so I had to send it off to be repaired. I've been using my brother's lappy while it's been gone, but now it's back! I still need to set up everything on it, since all my programs and settings have been removed, but those will be back in time. Luckily, I managed to keep the most part of my data, so I should be OK on all the projects I have to do.

That's pretty much all you're getting from me.

Yesterday was my 2nd birthday!

2009-04-30 02:19:07 by Hoeloe

Yup... well, my Newgrounds anniversary. I'm now a 5 year veteran to this site. WORSHIP ME!

Also I got xbox live back.

Birthday and New Computer!

2009-03-15 10:33:36 by Hoeloe

Hai hai hai guyz!

Today is my happy 16th birthday! And man did I get some awesome stuff.

I got a new motherboard, dual core intel processor, 2GB of ram and a webcam! Spent all this morning connecting it all up, and the results are spectacular! Had to replace my smaller PC tower, but its amazingly fast!

Not much else to say, so wish me a Happy Birthday or my new Uber fast computer will haxx your ghey slower ones >:C

Also, heres a video.

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It has begun.

2009-01-31 07:26:47 by Hoeloe

Yes. It's been nearly 3 years since the original The Last Wizard was released, and since that time, I have continually been promising a new installment. At first, it was the sequal to the original, but very quickly I decided to recreate it altogether, with a full storyline and complete game. I decided to call this: The Last Wizard and the Doomsday Rings.

The story is based around the ancient tale of 5 rings of immense power, each given to one of the 5 races to control their powers and confine them. Several centuries pass, and then, a sorceror called Ikta with inexplicable ability learns of the rings, and attacks the Wizard's Tower. All the wizards are killed, but the Elder Wizard sacrifices his life to bind Ikta in another world. The binding would not last forever, and the Elder leaves his legacy to his only son, Willem. The Last Wizard.

Now, as the binding weakens, Willem must race Ikta to find the Doomsday Rings and confront him, before it is too late.

As you can see, the plot is much more thought out than the original storyline. The gameplay is much improved from the original (levelling up will be done properly, and magic will actually be useful). Completing this game will be a massive feat, as I intend to make it a full length Adventure RPG game.

In fact, this is the second time I have attempted to recreate this game, as the first was a) badly drawn b) badly programmed and c) broke down because of b).

This may seem like an overly ambitious project, but to be honest, I know I can do it, and I have the motivation to. I will post some screen shots once the main engine is complete (as of now, the overworld engine is about 60% done, and the battle engine is not started), but for now, I will make do with a little teaser poster.

That's all for the game. Post your thoughts here, and I will happily comment on at least some of them.

Enjoy the poster.

It has begun.

Ahhh, publicity!

2009-01-13 11:06:24 by Hoeloe

Ok, so, I found out a short while ago that our team won the National Cipher Challenge, with a prize of £1000. Now, it seems the media is interested (at least to some extent). The Yorkshire Post published an article with pictures and quotes from us all, and the Harrogate Advertiser (local paper) will be doing the same at some point. Similarly, BBC Radio York did a live interview with our team, which can be heard here (At about 2:16:00, I'm the second one to speak). We rock.

On another note, work on the Last Wizard and the Doomsday Rings is starting to take off. It will still be a while before I can show anything though, so hang tight. Also, Super Nuke Bros. Melee is doing fantastically, and that should have a playable demo in not too long, so stick around for that.

Ok, I think that's everything.

Hey guys.... I'M BAACK!

2009-01-04 05:01:16 by Hoeloe

Hey there everyone! I'm now back from my skiing holiday in the French Alps! An amazing place it is, and the skiing goes as high as 3600 metres (I went up to 3000 myself, the last lift had a 20 minute queue) but overall that was the best holiday I have ever had.

On another note, the results for the National Cipher Challenge are through, in which I am part of the team of 6 who have WON. We won £1000 to share between 6, though we have decided that one of the team will recieve £50, since she only helped in the last 2 weeks, that leaves £190 for each of the other 5.

Third note: Hallowe'en photos are finally up! At last managed to get them into the computer, and here they are! My friend and I did a cosplaying double act with me as Kira and him as L, enjoy.

P.S. These were taken with my friends camera, so there are a couple more of him than of me, I only appear in the two right hand photos.

Last thing: Goals. My goals I set myself at the beginning of '08. Very few have been completed: Remix Mad World, be a ways into SNBM and... that's it. The Doomsday Rings has had yet another graphics makeover and now is awesome, but not far along, CFB has been halted for the time being, and The Tablet of Oya has been all but scrapped. Well... I cba to set goals for this year, I won't fulfil them anyway ;D

Hope everyone had an epic New Year! See you around!

Hey guys.... I'M BAACK!

I'm in France people!

2008-12-20 15:37:27 by Hoeloe

Yep, that's right! Since yesterday, at about 3pm (GMT), I set off for London, and at 7am this morning, we set off the channel crossing, and now I'm in France! It's a little warmer than in England, but still awesome. I'm staying for a week at my aunt's house, spending christmas there, then on boxing day, we're heading south for a weeks skiing in the Alps!
More good news, when I get back, I'll be able to finally post Hallowe'en photos for you all! If you don't know, my friend and I did a dual act of Kira and L, so be assured it will be awesome.
Even better (for me) is that because of this skiing trip, I've already opened some of my xmas presents that were too cumbersome to take to France. These include a brand new bike, a multi-region, upscaling 1080p HD DVD player, and a region 1 copy of the first series of Rozen Maiden to go with this.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to be on Newgrounds as much as usual, but when I get back, I should have some awesome stuff, possibly even a new orchestra sample for my audio! So, this is going to be an awesome christmas, hope you all have an Epic Christmas and a 1337 New Year!

That's Hoeloe out.


Mario Kart & Wall-E

2008-07-19 17:20:07 by Hoeloe

So, I got Mario Kart Wii today. It's pretty cool, fun for a bit, but then it gets frustrating because of the bastardly item combos... Anyway... Yeah, I like it. I bought a spare wheel too, so I could get multiplayer XD I recommend the game to all of you who don't yet have it, unless you are impatient. Then I recommend staying far away from it...

In other news, I just got back from seeing Wall-E. It was a really great movie. Some really important and deep messages inside an animated cartoon. It achieved it's goal really well, and I really do praise it for that. The comedy in it was good, but the messages behind the movie were more what brought me to my decision. A very epic movie, and I order you to go and see it now if you haven't already.

Also, if you don't look at my last news post and this site, you lose 5000 cool points.

New Forum Sig and the Doomsday Rings!

2008-07-17 17:24:47 by Hoeloe

Ok, this is really my first proffessional looking sig. It's a bit like a poster really, since it's showing a game I am just starting to make (or remake, since the last time it died). It is actually an uber spruced-up version of my game "The Last Wizard" Everything in it will be roughly a bazillion times better, the graphics in particular.
Also, this sig is the first time that the main enemy, Ikta (originally called Dogzin, and the name is based on the same guy, Matt Atki) has been shown publicly. He has had a huge redesign from his original form (he used to have a huge hat).
The new title also gives a hint as to the stories subject matter: The Doomsday Rings. Surprisingly, the Lord of the Rings didn't even come to mind until about a month after I had thought of the name and begun a storyline for it.
The music for the game has already been collected, and it features some of the greatest songs in the audio portal, including Eternal Clash and Crumbling Cathedral!

Also, ironically, I got banned from the BBS for 3 days for posting one word :P

Oh yeah, and I'm gonna be away for 2 weeks starting Monday. I'm going on holiday to France and I won't be able to access the internet D=

Sorry for all these edits, but: I WON $1 FROM LUIS!! XD
Unfortunately, paypal are complete BASTARDS and charged me 1/3 of it for the transaction. I now only have $0.66... thats 32p. That is fucking outrageous!

The new signature can be seen here btw:

New Forum Sig and the Doomsday Rings!

FINALLY! Brawl is in the UK!

2008-06-28 14:08:28 by Hoeloe

YES! After about a year's worth of delays, finally Brawl is out in the UK. I got it this morning and have stopped playing only to eat. It's awesome. I just need more people to play with for the full multiplayer effect. I still have a lot of characters and stuff to unlock though, so that should keep me busy.

Oh, yeah, I discovered that my character is Sonic. I like speed over power, so... :)

There's not much else to say really... I'm playing it with the wiimote & nunchuck for the full feel of it, and I still have a long way to go to get back to my Melee standard... I just felt like telling you all how awesome this is.

On another note, 2 of my Rubik's cubes, my 4x4 Rubik's Revenge and my 5x5 Professor's cube broke. I'm getting replacements sent, and luckily, Brawl should keep my attention till then :)