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Few quick updates!

My 18th birthday was on the 15th, so now I'm officially of age for just about anything in this country. I got a new laptop for my birthday, which is pretty awesome. It's specs are about on par with a £3000 Apple computer, but it cost closer to £800, which is also pretty awesome.

I also got £110, which I plan to spend on a 3DS this Friday, when it comes out, which is just as well, since I discovered my DS' L button is broken.

Speaking of DS, I got a couple of games, including Okamiden for the DS, which is great so far, and particularly so, since my parents won't let me take any home consoles to University :/

And speaking of THAT, my January exam results came through. Didn't quite get what I was hoping for, since I only got a B in M3, but I did some calculation, and worked out that, to make my Cambridge offer, I need 50% in the remaining Physics exams, and 76% in the remaining Maths exams, which is pretty good, especially considering I got close to 100% in all my Physics exams so far, and my lowest Maths score so far has been 77%.

On an unrelated note, I've been watching Puella Magi Madoka Magica, which is absolutely fantastic and you should all watch it, but a word of warning: YOU WILL NOT BE READY.

And while we're on the subject of Japan, I send my deepest condolences to anyone living around the Sendai area, or to anyone who knows anyone around there. I may well donate some money to help them repair.

That's more or less the update done. I leave you with this message:


So I'm 18 now, and ready for awesome!


2011-02-13 12:01:26 by Hoeloe

Interestingly, humans are more likely to do something if they are told not to, as long as they believe there are no real negative consequences.

Got ya.

Yeah, I have a new song, which is getting a little under-viewed, so give it a listen.
I posted a little more about it in my last post.

Please leave a review.

Also here's a picture of Osaka.


New song!

2011-02-04 02:23:59 by Hoeloe

I have a new song out, and it's getting very few views left on it's own, so I thought I'd post it here and see if this helps.


I also love this picture, and it's pretty relevant.

New song!

Yume: My latest Flash project

2011-01-27 11:51:07 by Hoeloe

Hello there!

Here, I'm introducing you to my latest, and possibly final, Flash project. I'm moving onto other languages (namely C#) at the moment, but before I dropped Flash for good, I wanted to release something. I felt incomplete, having not released anything since '07, so I set to work on something new.

So I bring you Yume. Based on a reaaally old platformer I started in about '06, which involved you collecting good and bad Flash files and placing them in a box labelled "BLAM" or "SAVE", Yume is an interesting twist on a platformer game.

I won't say much about it now, other than that you play as a boy called Yume, and your task is to save the Dream World from an evil king, and rescue Dreams he has trapped.

The game isn't very far into progress at the moment, and I'm still putting together the engine, but I hope to have something good to show for it not too far in the future.

That's all I have for you. Look out for more info at a later date!

Yume: My latest Flash project

I'm Going Up in the World!

2011-01-06 13:53:26 by Hoeloe

Today, I received an email from Trinity College Cambridge, telling me that I have an offer to study there.

As long as I gain the required grades, I can study Computer Science at one of the top Universities in the WORLD! The grades I need are A*AA, excluding Chemistry. Since I already have an A* in A2 Maths, I effectively need an A in both Further Maths and Physics. Seems okay to me!

Also, I'm making a flash game for the hell of it. More info when I have something to talk about.

Here's a video of a horse imitating a bee.

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So I got a new Gamertag!

2010-12-03 17:04:06 by Hoeloe

I've been sick with my XBL Gamertag, Colesiboy123 for a while now. My brother and I made it years ago using our last name so that we could share the account.
He's away in New Zealand now, he's given me the portion of the Xbox he owns, and XBL is being paid for through me, so I thought it was high time to change my tag.

Unfortunately, Hoeloe was taken. My thoughts went on about what I should change it to, and then I remembered Transformice, and how I became a member of "The Pros". So, naturally, I checked the availability of "Proloe" on Xbox.com. It told me it was free! Now, I would love to end it there and say that my tag is now Proloe, but it's not. I went to buy the name, and my Xbox came up with an error: Tag is in use. It turns out, Zune devices can take tags too, but don't show up in internet searches.

After a lot of deliberation, I eventually settled with "The Proloe", so that is now my gamertag!

TL;DR: My Gamertag is now The Proloe.

So, in 3 weeks...

2010-11-16 17:08:21 by Hoeloe

Okay, so in 3 weeks I have an interview at the University of Cambridge to read Computer Science at Trinity College.

Thought you guys might want to know just how awesome I am.

Have some ducks.

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Download this!

2010-09-21 02:21:04 by Hoeloe

If you happen to have Halo: Reach, help out a fellow NGer by downloading this map.


It's a map based on Guardian and Lockout from Halo 2 & 3, but it's set IN THE WATER.

K done.

Download this!

Okay, so a while back I got a PM from a guy called Zorathan, saying that he wanted to put up my OOTHQ tracks on ZeldaUniverse.net. I leapt at the chance and said I'd love to have my music featured. Now, a few weeks later, the spotlight is up on the site! So head on over to my page for no reason whatsoever! Enjoy!

Zelda Universe Fan Music Spotlight!

Seven Circles

2010-05-20 12:49:37 by Hoeloe

Okay, so my friend Taronuke is making a rhythm game called DJ Maniax, and he asked me to write a song for it. So I did. Two in fact. It was part of a genre diversity scheme or something, anyway.

I wrote a song, and shortly after hearing it, he announced he would chart it for the DDR Machine at the London MCM Expo. And he did. Well, he's made a chart for ITG. It's a 13. Video below.

Also, no I won't upload it to the AP. If you want to use it, ask.

On another note, a friend of mine recently signed up. Her alias is EverCakes, be nice to her.

Here's my song, Seven Circles, charted and played by Taronuke.

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