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Zelda: The Flute of Aeons Graphics Show 1

2008-05-20 11:41:03 by Hoeloe

BOOM! We're back in business baby! The Element Fire is back, though now it goes by a different name: The Flute of Aeons! The preview I have at the moment uses old code and graphics, now it will have more efficient code and hand drawn graphics rather than sprites! I have a video of the graphics show, sorry for the low quality, but youtube is ghey.

Hope you like the new style, I was going for a more Wind Waker style HUD in this one...

/* */
Also, here's an image of Link in his downward pose to show what he looks like in high quality:

Zelda: The Flute of Aeons Graphics Show 1

A Fantasy Story Post

2008-02-09 12:32:00 by Hoeloe

Ok, Time to start a medieval fantasy story news post. Post in the comments if you want to be included as a character, and I'll try to write you into the next chapter, you can also give a short description of your character, but no guns please, magic and medieval weapons only. The first chapter has a few guys chosen by me already. I'll regularly update with new chapters. Here is chapter 1:

Rain poured from the dark sky. A lone figure walked purposefully across the barren fields towards the small pinprick of light in the distance that was the army camp. When finally he reached it, he strode slowly past the hundreds of tents towards the captain's. He opened the flap of the captain's tent and entered. The captain was sitting at a desk, writing. As the man entered, the captain looked up. "You have returned," he said.
"Yes," was the simple reply.
"The time is not yet right," the man said, shaking his head. "We must wait."
"Then wait we shall. You may go."
The man bowed slightly.
"Thank you," he said, and left.

Six hundred miles away, the Lord of Newgrounds woke. Tom Fulp sat up and rubbed his eyes. It had been a restless night and the first rays of sunlight were just visible on the horizon. He sighed and stood up, pausing only to flatten out his duvet. He left the large stone room and walked out into the corridor. As he set down the stairs, he paused at the window. A horse and rider were flying at breakneck speed towards the castle. Tom quickly ran back to his room.
Five minutes later, he was rushing to the gates now fully dressed. His brother, Wade was already there, as well as his steward, Stamper.
"What is going on?" Tom asked Wade.
"I have no more idea than you."
The horse and rider finally reached them and Tom recognised the man riding it, who quickly jumped down.
"Denvish! What are you doing here?"
"I have grave news," Denvish replied.
"Speak it," Wade commanded.
"There is a large army camp based not six hundred miles from here with hostile intentions. I fear they mean to overthrow Newgrounds."
"This is grim news indeed," Stamper said.
"That it is," Devish agreed.
"We must make ready," Tom said, drawing the broadsword slung at his belt, "Ready my horse, I must leave as soon as possible."

CHAPTER 1 - The Dark Staff
"It is done." The man said to the captain.
"We must still wait, we have not yet harnessed the power."
"Then wait we must."
"The enemy is on the move."
The captain paused then, twirling the axe that rested against his chair.
"This news is ominous... but we must wait, we cannot face Newgrounds without the Staff."
The man nodded, and turned to leave.
"Oh, by the way, Drakonik,"
Drokinik turned back towards the captain.
"We must find one worthy of weilding the Dark Staff."
Drakonik smiled.
"I know of such a man. His name is DoogleFlip, he is an old friend of mine and a powerful sorcerer, he will lead us to victory."
The captain merely nodded.

"Wait, we have been called to battle?"
Jokobjcy was sitting in the Rec room in Newgrounds main Portal Control Camp. MinusNick, the Armies Head Wizard had just brought him the news.
"I'm afraid so."
"This must be serious..."
"It is. There is an army ready to attack the land of Newgrounds."
"In that case I should ready my Battalion."
"And I Will rally the Wizards of the Land."
They bowed to each other and parted in opposite directions.

*To be continued*

I did include everyone who sent me their information in that, though not all by name :P You will be named in later chapters, but I need more people.

New Series Concept - Infinite Monkeys

2008-01-22 16:54:19 by Hoeloe

Hey, been quite a while since I actually produced anything original, and now I have come up with a comedy series concept. This might not ever get made, but it probably will, so be on the lookout.

It is called Infinite Monkeys. The series has nothing to do with monkeys itself, the name comes from the philosophy that if you stick an infinite number of monkeys in a room with a typewriter, one will eventually produce a line of Shakespeare...this will be shown in the title sequence only (and possibly in one episode, but I havn't decided on that yet)

At the moment, the characters are as follows:

Dr. Thuyet Concigroto - Male - the star, a completely failed inventor
Dr. Laura Venestas - Female - his assistant who actually has really good ideas, but he never listens to them
Dr. Mac Inuresus - Male - sort of hangs around but doesn't do anything productive
It - No Gender - one of Dr. Concigroto's failed experiments. He will brought into being in the pilot episode, he is basically a fusion of tortoise and man (and platypus)

They get into all sorts of mentally unstable situations... with supposedly hilarious results!

What do people think of this concept?

Flash Cleanup

2007-12-31 11:36:41 by Hoeloe

I was looking back over some of my old flash works, and realised just how SHIT they were.

I have decided to delete most of them, for the simple reason that I dont want to have 42 crap submissions on NG. None of the great flash artists have that, and I don't want to either. Great apologies to anyone who liked them. They will temporarily be available on my shit website, www.bombagstudios.co.uk till I revamp it.


Christmas and Flash goals for '08

2007-12-26 13:53:18 by Hoeloe


Christmas was pretty good this year!

Got a pocketwatch, tally ho!
Season 3 of House
Seasons 1+2 of Life on Mars
Part 1 of Heroes
Crash of the Titans on Wii
and about £110 towards an intuos 3 tablet!

What did you all get?


Now, onto the goals.

Before Jan 1 '09 I hope to have:
Completed work on the Last Wizard and the Doomsday Rings
Finished work on Crash Flash
Be far along with Super Nuke Bros Melee
Be well into Keenan: The Tablet of Oya (New game not mentioned before)
Have remixed the song Mad World

If you have any flash goals, feel free to post them here!


2007-08-28 13:44:20 by Hoeloe

Were you expecting some lame post about COTT? If you were, prepare to be surprised. Because in this post, we shall talk about the first FULL-SIZED flash fangame ever made! Crash is back, and this time, hes stuck in a 2.5d world (OMFG). 25 crystals to collect, 25 levels to beat, 5 bosses to challenge, crash battles his way through one of the best fangames in existance!

Here we have the demo of Crash Flash Bandicoot, which is basically the first warp room:

http://taronuke.deviantart.com/art/Cra sh-Flash-Bandikuu-Updated-62974329

and heres a lil support button for people to put in their sigs to help us... get support, if you do use it, please link it to the demo:
http://www.bombagstudios.co.uk/cfb%20s upport%20sig.png

ty in advance... and crash says hi

YEY! Remake!

2007-07-29 10:10:15 by Hoeloe

Ok, so about a year ago I made this flash (The Last Wizard Part 1) I thought it was Ok, then it got front page. It had a load of problems and the graphics sucked, so I decided: Since I should really make a second part, and the first part wasn't that good anyway, why not just remake the entire game, full redraw and rescript, and put it as one rather than use 3 different parts? So I started. At first I thought it would take months, maybe years, but now all I really have to do is finish the storyline and some of the engine, draw all the spells and enemies, then just make the areas and it's done. The graphics are about as boosted as the difference between Link the OOT and Link in TP. The script is so much more proffesional, and now it works ace! Look out for it!

Thats right, recently the Nuke Bros (www.nukebros.co.nr) have recently begun to reveal certain aspects of our new project: Super Nuke Bros Melee, or SNBM. It is designed to be an ultimate remake of Super Smash Bros, to show people just how POOR super smash flash was (yes, it was SO poor, it doesn't get capitals). Each character and stage will be hand drawn, to give it that extra Super Smash feel. It will include some of our own characters, and some of others (ie. Sonic, Mew) Anyway, the updates page can be found here. The 2 main workers of this are TaroNuke and Myself (AtomicNuke).

Just posted this for support in this mass project, hope people will support us ^^