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Song of the Firefly at London Comic Con

2015-10-29 06:41:11 by Hoeloe

Song of the Firefly was showcased at the London MCM Comic Con last weekend! We had a really positive response, but we still need funding on Kickstarter to get the game made, so please help by donating and sharing!


We had Troisnyx with us on one day, who is one of two incredibly talented musicians writing the soundtrack for the game.


A lot of people tried out an early build of the game, and really enjoyed it. We're planning to polish up that demo and release it to the public, so keep an eye out!

In the meantime, anything you can give to the Kickstarter will be really welcome. Please help support the game so that we have the funds to make it!


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2015-10-29 07:44:14

Damn it, I meant to try and make it down for that, got my dates mixed up.

Anyway, what platforms will this run on?

Hoeloe responds:

We're looking at a PC release first and foremost. We'd like to branch it out to Xbox One and PS4, but that very much depends on the outcome of the Kickstarter, as we'd need extra money to develop ports and deal with licensing, etc.


2015-10-29 08:13:27

Does that include Linux?

Hoeloe responds:

Potentially. Packaging a game for Linux is always a little tricky, but we'll try our best to support it.