Song of the Firefly's 4K Screenshots of the Day!

2014-11-04 18:12:38 by Hoeloe

So, Song of the Firefly has almost £3000 pledged on the Kickstarter, and over 1000 positive responses on Steam Greenlight. We've decided that, until the end of the Kickstarter campaign, we'll be posting a "4K of the Day", a screenshot from the game, along with some explanation about what it's talking about! Our first one is here, but be sure to follow the campaign for the rest of them.


Day 1: This image shows a fire flower, surrounded by clustering fireflies. These flowers are key elements to the game, as they provide safe spots for Sam in his exploration. Their notable purple glow will drive off shadows, and they'll also restock some of your fireflies. On top of that, these flowers will act as "checkpoints", allowing you to save your progress as you explore.


We've had so much positive support so far, but we still need a lot of the funding in order to make this game! Be sure to support us on the Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight!


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2014-11-05 03:29:53

Looking good thus far. I'll pledge support where I can -- hopefully Steam Greenlight.

Is it weird for me to imagine Enya-ish music to this game?