Song of the Firefly at London MCM Expo

2014-10-06 07:29:53 by Hoeloe






So, the London MCM Expo is approaching, and some of the team at Arpeggio Games will be there to promote our game, Song of the Firefly. If anyone is planning to go, keep an eye out for us! We'll be around all weekend, so be on the look out.

If you want to know more about Song of the Firefly, then you can visit our website. We're all really excited about this event, and we're preparing some really great stuff to show for the Kickstarter, too. We're almost ready to start that now, so get ready!


We hope to see some of you there!


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2014-10-06 10:45:50

Gah! If I'd known about this sooner, I'd have had my fiancé book tickets for closer to the date. We went to London on Saturday and I'm afraid a second trip is beyond us at this point.

Still. Hope it goes well!

Hoeloe responds:

Sorry about that! It's been really hectic over here, and we were sure we were going to make the date! Thanks, though!