Once again, stuff about SPACE

2012-09-27 04:31:17 by Hoeloe

Yep. Decima is still going strong, but what it needs more than anything now is support.

There have been a few more updates on the blog since the last time I posted here, and progress is coming along very nicely, but we still need your support!

The release will be a lot smoother the more people openly support the project. All you need to do to show your support is like this page on Facebook. Support is extremely important, and the more people who know about and support the project, the better.

Also, having sat through that shameless pitch, have another poster.

Once again, stuff about SPACE


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2012-09-27 09:35:05

Really cool space!

Hoeloe responds:

Why thank you.


2012-09-27 11:43:53

Oh hai there!

Hoeloe responds:



2012-09-28 02:18:20

Im not entirely sure why I clicked on your page, but I did, and now I am intrigued. What is Decima? It looks like something id enjoy :D

Hoeloe responds:

It's a vertical space shooter that I'm working on. We're making it for an XBLA release, with any luck. Thanks for showing an interest!


2012-09-30 01:10:55

xbox eh? maybe ill just have to dish out some coin and purchase this game of yours. im a big fan of shooters :D

Hoeloe responds:

Thank you very much! We are working hard on this project, but as always, real life gets in the way, so there's a long way to go until completion. In the mean time, we need all the support we can get, because it will make the release smoother (since we need to submit the game to Microsoft for approval, and with a large support base, that becomes more likely to happen, and faster).