More Decima Stuff!

2012-08-30 05:38:46 by Hoeloe

Been a while since my last post, so:


Development on Decima is still chugging along. I've got a couple more things to show you, now. I'm going to link the first one because the image is huge (I mean, seriously huge). It's a map of the world of Decima, with all the important planets labelled. Of course, the map isn't perfectly to scale, since most of those planets wouldn't be in the same star systems. It's just an approximation. The planets themselves are in scale to each other, though, more or less, with Helios being approximately the size of Earth.

The Map

One other thing to say on this is that this map is more or less what you'll get as a level select in story mode. To select a level, you must first select a planet, and then select a level which occurs on that planet (since there are often more than one occurring in the same place).

The other thing I can upload. Last time, I showed you a character poster. Of course, there isn't just one character, so here's another one! Enjoy.

More Decima Stuff!


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2012-08-30 06:44:04

looking pretty epic... if i do say so my self...

Hoeloe responds:

Why thank you.


2012-08-30 17:01:23

Wow, this looks badass.

Really looking forward to its release.

Hoeloe responds:

Gonna be a little while, I'm afraid. It's only the two of us working on it, and only me on the programming front. Most of the main engine is down now, though.


2012-08-31 05:02:00

That guy has some nastily crooked legs...
Or is he double jointed?

The Other Other God

Hoeloe responds:

Nah, they're just straight. The loose clothing makes it look a little odd. People's legs do curve backwards slightly below the knee.